self-care, healing, & health at every age through yoga, meditation, and healthy living.


Practicing With Intention

Yoga is a chance to re-set and re-tune ourselves to a higher frequency. We do this with focused attention on the breath. This helps to ground ourselves into the present moment and bring a delicious sense of calm and peace into our practice. Yoga is a “time-out” from our externally focused world, and a chance to be internally focused. Even if it’s just for the short time you are practicing, with consistency, you will be able to call upon this feeling of freedom from stress and anxiety more and more, even in your daily life.

Tips For Practice

Beginners start here! We will talk about basic structural concepts of posture, standing, grounding, centering, breathing, and lifting through the core. These are the fundamental building blocks that allow you to safely explore the “asanas”, or poses, with proper alignment and strength.

The Path To Opening

Yoga involves the process of surprising yourself, beyond what you perceive as your limitations. A lot of this is “mind over matter.” We all have holding patterns in the body, which are a combination of physical and emotional / mental blockages. Yoga chips away slowly at these like a key in a sticky lock, until finally we experience new parts of ourselves that we previously didn’t even know existed.

Ashtanga Yoga

The traditional practice of Ashtanga Yoga is for everyone, no matter what age or level of physical fitness. This meditative, mindful flow emphasizes steady, fluid breathing which is coordinated with specific movements called Vinyasas. Each inhale and exhale is specifically choreographed within this set sequence. There are six series of Ashtanga, which is an ancient system of Yoga as described in sacred Indian texts and passed down through generations. With time and practice, Ashtanga unlocks great flexibility, physical fortitude, mental strength, and personal insight.