Yoga is for everyone, at every age, in any physical condition. Yoga is the art of self-transformation. While the postures may change with time, and even day by day, and may look different person to person, the essence of Yoga remains: a system of intentional, full-body breathing, merged with movement; a time-out from the noise of the outside world, and of our busy minds; a chance to focus inward and find stillness, root ourselves in strength and in the present moment, and find more and more openness, peace and ease, both on and off our mats. It’s also incredibly fun and exciting to stretch beyond our imagined limitations, and to discover muscles we didn’t even know existed!


I am, and will forever be, a devoted student of Yoga. Each day in my own practice, my “goal”, if there is one, is to heal, and to discover the bliss in the present moment. To me this means letting go of fear and doubt, and trusting more: in myself, in possibility, in growth, in change, and in my own strength. I breathe in energy, and breathe out stress, allowing the essence of my true self to be revealed: whole, alive, centered, grateful, and open to possibility. Wonderful, miraculous byproducts of this practice are a strong and flexible body, overall systemic health and well-being, more freedom in range of movement, and deeper happiness and serenity.


I feel compelled now at this point in my life to share this process with you; and also to impart to you that it is never too late to start Yoga. Once you start, you will have this invaluable tool in your tool belt of healing, well-being, and joy, for the rest of your days. Put your own oxygen mask on first; then you will be ready and able to assist others. When we make ourselves strong, fluid, and present, we will be better prepared to offer ourselves in service. When we raise the level of our awareness, sensitivity, and understanding to a higher frequency, we are able to inspire others to do the same. May we find truth, cultivate health, and uplift ourselves and those around us.

In deep gratitude,

Yoga is a way to stop the incessant runaway train of time. By focusing our attention on the breath, we bring ourselves fully into the body, and experience the bliss of the present moment. Through practice and repetition, we eventually learn to still the endless chatter of the mind. In this way, Yoga is a chance to take a well-deserved break from our outward-looking selves, and turn our attention and focus onto our inner selves.
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After 25 years of practicing yoga, I feel compelled to share what I’ve learned along the way with you. The physical practice has brought me strength, flexibility, and health; but the lessons I’ve learned, through facing and overcoming obstacles that once seemed so insurmountable, are much deeper than the physical.
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